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    Default Thursday Runaround - The Walking Dead Days Of Christmas


    Every day until Christmas, The Walking Dead iOS game Assault will get another challenge from Roberk Kirkman's Twitter feed at 11am PST, with rather special Walking Dead prizes. It's the Nine Days Of The Apocalypse. How festive.


    The judges for the 2013 Eisner Awards have been announced, the Washington Posts's Michael Cavna, professor of English at Californian Stat University Charles Hatfield, Oregon retailer Adam Healy, University of North Florida assistant professor Dr Katie Monnin, graphic novelist Frank Santoro and San Diego Comic Con co-ordinator John Smith.

    And for the first time in twenty years, I don't think there's one that hates me.


    Nice title. As is common with IDW franchises of team books, they are splitting individual characters into their own spin-off titles. Hich is the job of KISS SOLO, a new book in March in which the Kiss members get to have adventures on their own...


    Bleeding Cool ran a story on the Los Angeles port strike, recently resolved, and stated that it may have a number of knock on effects for certain comic book publishers who print in East Asia. IDW has dropped the first show, with a number of titles including My Little Pony #2, the second print of issue 1 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secret History Of The Foot Clan #1 being pushed into 2013.


    The Beat compares the new Captain K'Rot to Captain Carrot...


    Newsarama sets up shop in time for Christmas with Newsarama Store.


    DC Comics try to explain the "surprise" early release date for DC digital comics.
    Some retailers were upset at being surprised. Was there any thought of telling them in advance, and if so, why did you decide not to?

    When dealing with those [types of companies] we have to sign confidentiality agreements about the terms of negotiation that we?re doing. I understand fully and even appreciate the critique, but I think our record on this has spoken loudly over the last two years especially in terms of trying to get out ahead of our messaging and communicating as fully as we can. So in the particular instance here where it doesn?t happen, it?s not so much a sign of a change in our policy as it is a reaction to the terms we were operating under.

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    Aren't all Image first issues free on Comixology anyway?

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    Yeah.. I trust Giffen doing Catpain K'Rot as a lark… but are the DC offices in on the joke or do they take his crap 100% super serious and think a grim n gritty Captain Carrot is what comics needs? These are the schmucks who thought making Doctor Light a rapist and turning a top Justice League mini into a Watchmen knockoff was the direction the company shoud go.

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