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    Default Avatar Plug of the Week: FERALS VOL 1 Reviews & Preview

    Critics and fans love David Lapham's?*Ferals...

    [FONT='times new roman', 'new york', times, serif][FONT='times new roman', 'new york', times, serif][FONT='times new roman', 'new york', times, serif]"For fans of horror there's plenty to like here...?*Ferals?*is a fun romp and a guilty pleasure werewolf series... It's certainly at the top of its class as far as lycanthrope comics go and has potential to fill a void for horror fans."?*</p>

    [/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]" of the most exciting series I have encountered in a very long time. ... a fun and freaky take on common were-lore that... sends your mind spinning."?*

    "The comic is gleefully adult, relishing sprays of blood and the occasional nipple. It has a sense of abandon that sweeps the reader with it. You feel caught in this million-mile-an-hour story..."?*

    "Ferals?*debuts with a roar!?*Lapham has introduced the reader to a story that has many possibilities and feels unique. ...?*quite pleased with the artwork. Every panel is filled up with detail..."?*

    Today, the critically acclaimed series is finally collected?*for the first time!

    David Lapham and Gabriel Andrade?s hit horror series redefines modern werewolf mythology the Avatar way, with violent animal ferocity and gallons of blood!?* Officer Dale Chesnutt is a lawman with a big, bloody problem.?* Slaughtered civilians are turning up in the sleepy town of Cypress, and the burden falls on him to end the carnage.?* But no sooner does he begin his investigation than he finds himself violently drawn to a sexy, mysterious woman? and a vicious creature strikes again at Dale's own family.?* Hidden among the faces on Cypress streets, unrecognizable to neighbors and friends, a culture of werewolves dating back a thousand years has found their ancient secrets threatened? and worth tearing their enemies to pieces for.

    To learn more about how David Lapham decided to build a entirely new werewolf mythos, check out this interview.

    Here is a sneak peek of the collection...

    Available with a Trade Paperback, Hard Cover, and a special Signed Hard Cover Edition (limited to 1000 copies and signed by David Lapham) all featuring covers by Gabriel Andrade!

    FERALS VOL 1 TRADE PAPERBACKCover by Gabriel Andrade$19.99 US Retail, Item Code:?*OCT120820

    FERALS VOL 1 HARD COVERCover by Gabriel Andrade$27.99 US Retail, Item Code:?*OCT120821

    FERALS VOL 1 SIGNED LTD ED HARD COVERCover by Gabriel Andrade$34.99 US Retail, Item Code:?*OCT120822

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    Been waiting a while for this thread, real happy that its an ongoing, keep up the good work guys !

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