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    Default Win A Signed Copy Of Paul Cornell's London Falling In The Next Two Hours

    You know Paul Cornell. Course you do. Wrote some sci-fi books, wrote some Doctor Who books, wrote some actual episodes of Doctor Who, wrote some Marvel comics, wrote some DC comics, is still writing Saucer Country and has a new Wolverine book with Alan Davis on the way.

    But if you like your words without pictures (and let's be honest, it makes a nice change) then he has a new book out, London Falling. Clever pun on the song London Calling there. I spotted it straight away.

    And Paul has very generously agreed to sign five copies and post them in your general direction, to five people chosen randomly by me from anyone who retweets this post.

    So go on then. Retweet away. Paul and I will be watching...

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    Wait, this tweet?

    The link's just taking you to the BC profile page.

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    Yeah, the link just goes to the BC profile page and there are two different tweets regarding the story. Which one to retweet?

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    I'm going to retweet what I am guessing is the right post. Hopefully that will be good enough.

    Really, really been looking forward to reading this one. Fingers crossed.
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