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    Default Del Toro To Climb To Crimson Peak And Subvert The Classical Ghost Story

    Guillermo Del Toro has set Crimson Peak as his next film and recruited Crimson Petal and the White writer Lucinda Coxon to do a new draft of the script with him. She's clearly quite the crimson specialist.

    The film will be a ghost story, and was initially conceived by Del Toro directly after Pan's Labyrinth. He's interested, he told Deadline, in playing around with form and subverting it a little.

    Something he already did with Devil's Backbone, though this time he seems to be thinking along more The Haunting, Turn of the Screw lines. The sort of thing he's produced before but never directed - cf. The Orphanage, maybe Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, to an extent.

    Pacific Rim backers Legendary are funding and will produce the film, and Del Toro suggests it's just the next step in an ongoing relationship. Later down the line, he teases, could be At the Mountains of Madness.

    Yes please.

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    Guillermo Del Toro Is Making A Haunted House Movie!
    HEY FOLKS, Harry here...

    If this is based on a previous Haunted House script by Del Toro and Matthew Robbins... then folks, hold on to your bowels. I read that script over a decade ago and it was called HELL HOUSE. It was tremendous. It was a script that was never bought out right. Obviously the script would have to lose all of the "Hell House trappings" as that would necessitate making the movie with FOX. Instead, they're taking their characters and trappings which were scary. NORDLING seems to see this as a PG13... and having read that early script - it is possible, but the intensity of the scares might push it to R territory. Guillermo finally making his Haunted House SCARE flick is going to be a very good thing. I just want him to build the House in AUSTIN!

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