4 out of 5 stars?*Comic Book Resources"...an inventive, tightly-written and enjoyable comic.""...there's a lot that can be praised..."

5 out of 5 stars?*The Examiner"... a great first issue...""I definitely recommend picking this book up."

Grade: A-?*Weekly Comic Book Review"The art is lovely."

7.5 out of 10, Buy It?*Multiversity Comics"The art... makes this story work as a comic book. It?s wonderful.""There?s not really a book like this on the stands right now."

4 out of 5 stars?*iFanboy"Alan Moore?s masterpiece that he?s been hiding all these years has finally been released!"

Reviews have been excellent for this nuclear winter tale of a world obsessed with fashion. A story first written by Alan Moore in the mid-eighties with the Sex Pistols' Malcolm McLaren, it has finally been unearthed after almost 30 years. If you haven't tried this gem yet, here is a sneak peek of Fashion Beast #4, due out this Wednesday.