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    Default Cammy's Covers - From Adventure Time to Uncanny Avengers

    Cameron Hatheway writes for Bleeding Cool.?*

    Adventure Time #10 (Dynamic Forces Exclusive) by JJ Harrison

    I?ve recently come to have a strong appreciation for Adventure Time (I?m almost done with the first season), but I?ve always had a love for Totoro. This homage is simply perfect, for Finn & Jake do have a similar relationship to Satsuki & Mei with all the adventuring that takes place with their quirky friends. It?s simple, adorable, and Harrison?s tip of the hat to Miyazaki is well played.

    Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #4 (Variant) by Bruce Timm

    I swooned so hard when I saw this cover. Who isn?t a fan of Bruce Timm?? He just knows how to illustrate women, and his specialty is gorgeous crime fighters. I?m still kicking myself for missing out on the exclusive hardcover that came out earlier this year, but with this variant cover I can still enjoy his figures at a fraction of the cost. I can honestly say I?ve fallen hard for Laurie with this cover, all thanks to the majestic stylings of Bruce Timm.

    Captain America & Black Widow #639?* by Francesco Francavilla

    This is my favorite cover of the week, hands down. As if it wasn?t action-packed enough with the Lizard tearing up the joint, the addition of Doc Ock?s tech definitely turns the insanity up to eleven. Francavilla blows my mind with this cover, making me excited to study every little detail and just bask in all its glory. The fact that Francavilla is also doing the interior art is the cherry on top, because I definitely want to see the events leading up to this cover unfold. The man is amazing, and this cover is all the proof you need.

    Masks #1 by Jae Lee

    They?re supposed to be the good guys, right? Lee?s eerie style works well with this crew, although I am a little disappointed that Zorro isn?t included. There?s that strange fellow dangling in the back, and could be Zorro?s whip I guess, but I feel we?re still one fancy hat short of the Pulp Justice League. The whites of their eyes add to the creepiness, as well as their slanted composure. Very well executed cover, and does a great job setting the tone of the title.

    Uncanny Avengers #2 by John Cassaday

    This has been their promo image for the longest time, and now that it?s in its entirety, I can say I honestly dig it. Then again, I could have just been hypnotized to say that (I am a bit of a sucker for these types of formats). The Red Skull looks menacing, and if you stare at his nose long enough, the rings to start to move. Again, I had to crop the stupid MARVEL NOW! REVOLUTION EXTRAVAGANZA banner from the bottom, but it doesn?t interrupt the striking red and white motif. Overall, nice cover.

    Cameron Hatheway is the host of Cammy?s Comic Corner, an audio podcast. You can complain about the commission you never got from him on Twitter @CamComicCorner.

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    I loved maks cover to I also liked the aquaman 14 cover as well. Thor 1. And thor 2 are one picture. Its really cool

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    I like the Jae Lee cover for Masks #1 a lot. I didn't see that one at my LCS. I ended up getting the Alex Ross version, but I was a little disappointed in it because the logo was slapped over Zorro's face.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike H. View Post
    I like the Jae Lee cover for Masks #1 a lot. I didn't see that one at my LCS. I ended up getting the Alex Ross version, but I was a little disappointed in it because the logo was slapped over Zorro's face.
    Zorro gets no fuckin' love!

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    The masks cover is sick

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