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    Default The Next Film From The Director Of Up And Monsters Inc. Is Called The Inside Out - At Least For Now

    In the summer, Pixar will be releasing the prequel to Monsters Inc., heading into the hallowed halls of Monsters University with young Mike and young Sully. It was directed by Dan Scanlon, making this the first "two" from the studio to not share a director with its respective "one."

    Well, presuming you count a prequel as a "two" and not a "zero."

    The director of MonstersInc.was Pete Docter, and while his furry creations are moving out and going to university without him, he's busy at work on his third feature, another original.

    There's been no official announcement of its title, and Disney have only referred to it as The Untitled Pixar Movie That Takes You Inside The Mind.

    John Lasseter described the set up like this:
    The emotions of this little girl are the characters and it takes place in the head of this little girl, and shows how they control things that go on.
    A little bit Herman's Head, a little bit Numbskulls?

    We've now heard that the film is on the verge of getting an official title and that title is almost certainly going to be The Inside Out.

    That title hasn't yet been cleared, but it's the one Pixar want. Barring any problems with getting the name okayed, we can probably expect it to be announced soon.

    Incidentally, once my source told me this title, I Googled around to see if I could find any mention of it. I found one.

    Seems that the title was used just this week by Stefano Bethlen, Disney's head of distribution in Italy, when speaking to Primissima.

    That's enough corroboration for me, so there we go. Pete Docter's next is The Inside Out - at least for now.

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    Sounds trippy. Wonder if they'll officially announce Nemo 2 or toy story 4 soon?

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    Here's Why Pixar Canceled Newt
    Pixar President Ed Catmull comments on Newt's troubled past and explains why it never saw the light of day.
    Quote Originally Posted by Max Nicholson
    So what was the real reason Pixar canceled Newt? Well, the animation company's president Ed Catmull revealed in a recent article just why director Gary Rydstrom's long-gestating animated feature never saw the light of day.

    As part of a series of conversations with Fast Company to promote his new book Creativity Inc., Catmull said of the failed project, "Newt was another unlikely idea that wasn't working. When we gave it to somebody new [Pete Docter, director of Up], he said, 'I'll do it, but I have another idea altogether, which I think is better.' And we thought it was better too. That was the reason we didn't continue with Newt." (By the way, that other idea to which Catmull was referring is Pixar's Inside Out, which Docter is directing for a 2015 release.)

    What's interesting to note here is that Docter took over Newt toward the end of its development, replacing Rydstrom. For Pixar, it's not uncommon for a more seasoned animation director to take over a troubled project. (For example, a similar approach was taken for Ratatouille, which had The Incredibles' Brad Bird sub for Jan Pinkava.)

    Back in 2011, Pixar CCO John Lasseter said that Newt was cancelled for another reason -- that is, its story bared a striking resemblance to Blue Sky's Rio. In the end, it was probably a combination of these things that ultimately got Newt the ax.

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