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    Default Comeback For A Review

    Comeback #1 - by Ed Brisson, Michael Walsh and Jordie Bellaire

    ?*A Review by Eliot Cole

    This review started out very differently in my mind. But before we go there, I should just say that I rather like Comeback quite a bit.

    My problem came, I think (maybe) with a slight mental slump. I was thinking ?what the fuck am I going to write about this??. Problematic here is the analysis, you see I?m anxious for my poor mood not to affect a very good comic, but I?m also keen for the fact that a comick a poor mood. I think that the problem part, here, is the mood rather than the comic. The variable (if you will) is how strong the mood, and the mood was particularly resistant. Which was what lead me to where I am on this, that being that I know I really like the art and plotting, etc, but I?m in a proper funk with work and life that this doesn?t allow me out of that enough to say how good this is.

    Perhaps that?s just a general truth behind expressing our opinions on stuff. Are we liking something because we?re currently ?up?. Well, obviously, I don?t feel like this is a major issue for most reviewers. I also suppose that there is an element of what must be considered, dropped, thought of, or related, with any working over of anyone?s work. So perhaps there should be a record (or something) of where the reviewer was emotionally for their interaction with the creator that they?re?*proffering?*to the masses.

    Let?s face it, I don?t want my indifference coming between you knowing how good this comic is. But I?m just having an issue expressing that. Well, maybe this whole review has been an exercise in expression of this kind of thought process.

    Whatever. If you check out the preview images throughout this review you?ll see the fringe of Phillips on Walsh?s line art.However, the feeling of similarity could come from Bellaire?s colour art being remarkably similar, tonally, to the stuff in Criminal and Sleeper (for example). Suffice to say, this is not an absolute thing, more that I just noted the similarity.

    Brisson really does do a good job with the pacing, and cutting between the scenes. It?s not without total randomness that I brought up Primer. The feel is very similar, like none of this is out of the ordinary for everyone involved. Although there we were dealing with different types of people. It?s nice though, no pandering to us.

    I say just go and buy this comic. At $3.50 it?s in the territory of being just beyond a ?throwaway? buy, that the money doesn?t mean so much. Equally it sneaks under the ?no fucking way? amount of cash. Quite a few indies are doing this, and as a result, you?ll find that if you don?t like it after a couple of issues, it?s a significant amount of cash to make you not mind dropping it.

    So. I apologise profusely for my early despondency, please don?t let this put you off. Four out of five!


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    I predict this thread won't end well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victorian Squid View Post
    I predict this thread won't end well.
    most likely due to malnutrition.

    i had real problems here, with this review.
    i have a policy not to do anything that doesn't affect me emotionally.
    and this did. but i find out hard to write about.
    critical thinking issues may be an issue, I'm not classically educated (I'm barely educated).
    but i hope to use this review in a think piece on reviewing. if rich'll let me.

    we'll see.
    no worries, either way.

    but. yes. difficult.
    think it would be good to compare this to Louis' review, though.

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