by Chris Thompson


This week saw some rather interesting discussion and commentary after Jim Zubkavich (Skullkickers) did a post on his blog about The Reality of Mainstream Creator-Owned Comics. In the same week, did a feature on Matt Pizzolo (Occupy Comics) who they referred to as World?s Most Wired Comics Creator.

I found them to be two clever, and potentially quite different, views of comics ? so I tweeted the links to all who would listen, and was pleasantly surprised when first Matt and then Jim decided to tweet back. We chatted and I soon knew it had to be a podcast, even if we were spread across three different time-zones (GMT, EST & PST!)

So I?m pleased to present this very special episode, outside of our regular transmissions, with Jim Zub & Matt Pizzolo in conversation. To get in touch, discuss sponsorship opportunities or submit projects for consideration, please email You can also follow me on Twitter: @popculturehound.

Jim Zubkavich Twitter: @JimZubJim Zub?s blog: www.jimzub.comSkullkickers website:

Matt Pizzolo Twitter: @pizzoloHalo8 website: halo8.tvBlack Mask Studios website:

If you want to read Jim?s original blog post referenced during the interview, you can find that here: The Reality of Mainstream Creator-Owned Comics

And if you?d like to read Matt?s interview with, you can find that here: World?s Most Wired Comics Creator