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    Default Doctor Who Set For Monthly Screenings At The BFI, From January Until 50th Anniversary

    The BFI's Dick Fiddy and Justin Johnson have curated a nice long season of Doctor Who for the show's anniversary year. Starting in January, one adventure per Doctor is to screen, building up to November, and The Eleventh, and... well, can we assume the premiere of the 50th anniversay special? I'd be mighty surprised if they don't go that way.

    The first session is set for 3.30pm on Saturday January 12th, and tickets willgo on sale at 11.30am on December 11th.

    As you might expect, the opener will beAn Unearthly Child, the first ever adventure from the series, chosen to represent William Hartnell and his tenure in the TARDIS. A s well as an introduction from a guest, or guests, associated with the show, there's expected to be a Q&A afterwards, though this is all still TBC.

    I expect a complete and total sell-out and a brilliantly excited crowd.

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    That is.... a wicked looking poster

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    I often re-watch An Unearthly Child, I think it's a wonderful piece of science fiction. I'm jealous of anyone who got to watch it at the time, in an era where science fiction wasn't as common as it is now, hadn't been so thoroughly explored.
    Warning, the above post may contain traces of sarcasm, or have been written in an environment where it may have come into contact with sarcasm.

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