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    Default Amazon Deluxe Glitch Speads... A Little

    This isn't the industry-wide Amazon glitch of yesteryear.

    But as well as Marshal Law being glitch-priced down to 70% off on Amazon,, months from publication, it seems that 100 Bullets: The Deluxe Edition Book 4 is also getting similar treatment, down from an expected 37.99, listed on Amazon at 14.99 and then marked down to 12.74, whereas the US version is listed as $49.99 and marked down to $28.56. The UK version is still significantly cheaper.

    It's not just, a whole bunch of UK online retailers are reporting the same thing. However, Amazon does offer free shipping, including to Europe over a certain price point...


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    Prices seem to have been fixed now. Both for Marshall Law & 100 Bullets.

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