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    Default Pixar Planning New Feature From The Superb Teddy Newton And Derek Connolly

    It's Derek Connolly's week. Yesterday we were talking about his work on a new version of Flight of the Navigator and that he'd set up another, as yet secret picture at Disney with his Safety Not Guaranteed director Colin Trevorrow - which we now know is called Hank.

    Now it gets better still as Variety reveal he's also at work on a Pixar animated picture with Teddy Newton, director of the sublime Day and Night short and story man on The Incredibles and Iron Giant.

    This video from the special edition DVD of Iron Giant goes into Teddy Newton's special powers a little.

    Now more details of the Pixar film are known, but Variety did run this nice little passage, starting with Connolly's comments on his plush gig in Emeryville:
    "It's totally different, the way they do things up here. You're here everyday. You don't go away for three months and come up with a script. You're involved with a director and it's very collaborative."

    The Pixar gang also told him "not to dumb it down or treat animation like it's for kids. "
    Lucky bugger.

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    I worked at a small game company many years ago, and we had just such an animator on staff. The problem was, although everyone thought he was a genius, and loved his creativity, NOTHING he produced was useable. In our setting, at least, if it did not aim for the publisher's ultimate vision, and the work being done by engineers, producers, designers,and other artists, it was a wasted effort.

    I don't see much in his animatic that I think would have added to the story, or even been interesting. Sometimes, trying to corral these guys in is more trouble than it's worth.

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