Get ready for War Goddess #11,?*written by?*Mike Wolfer?*(Lady Death, Stitched)!

San Francisco is under attack, but there was no way that the mobilized forces of the US Army could have been prepared for the unstoppable threat opposing them on the streets of Chinatown. Not only is the dark matter villainess impervious to all firepower directed against her, she is also resurrecting the human casualties to create an attack force of undead warriors!

Boundless Comics?*has provided a short preview of the action here:

War Goddess #11 is available with a Regular cover by Jason Eden,?* Sultry cover by Renato Caceres, as well as a Wraparound and a special Art Nouveau Retailer Order Incentive by painter Michael Dipascale!

War Goddess #11 Regular Edition$3.99 Retail, Diamond Item Code:?*SEP120943Cover by?*Jason Eden

War Goddess #11?*Sultry Edition$3.99 Retail, Diamond Item Code:?*SEP120944Cover by Renato Caceres?*

War Goddess?*#11 Art Nouveau EditionPI, Diamond Item Code:?*SEP120946Cover by?*Michael DiPascale?*(Hero Worship)