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    Default Star Wars Spin-Offs Coming - Kasdan And Kinberg's Star Wars Scripts Not Yet Set For Main Saga

    While it was previously assumed that Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg were being contracted to write Episodes VIII and IX of the Star Wars saga, The Hollywood Reporter have learned that Lucasfilm and Disney's plans are actually rather more ambitious.

    Kasdan and Kinberg, they say, are under brief to develop "separate projects" that are "not necessarily" parts of "the main Skywalker storyline."

    This is interesting in numerous ways. On the one hand, it suggests the overall arc of the next trilogy is still pretty much up in the air. This is despite early indications George Lucas had developed a treatment before selling up, and also later reports that Michael Arndt had fleshed out ideas for a full trilogy.

    Now the position seems to be that Arndt's planned storyline covers just the next film.

    If this new report is correct, it seems that Lucasfilm don't want to restrict Kasdan and Kinberg's creativity and would rather see what they can come up with before deciding whether or not to slot it into the main nine-part structure.

    At the same time, the studio are obviously already looking for "expanded universe" pieces to spin-off.Last time this gave us the animatedClone Warsmovie, before that,The Caravan of Courage.*

    But do you think we could see a Marvel-like approach with the "main episodes" coming along with the regularity of Avengers pictures, side-projects popping up and tying in as we go?

    I'd also be interested to know if the notion of a "main Skywalker storyline" is The Hollywood Reporter's own or if it comes from their informed, knowledgable source. If it's the latter, we could at least take it as some kind of loose indication of where the next film, and its subsequent sequels, would be taking us.

    *In Europe, at least. The first Ewok movie may only have played on TV in the US, but we got it in cinemas. Yay!

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    I hope Guillermo del Toro gets to direct an Episode or an Old Republic movie. Anything in the SW universe with GDT would be awesome.
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    Rouge Squadron or Han Solo Chronicles please?
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    Better be getting Joe Johnston to direct a Boba Fett movie.

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    A Star Wars film with fairies and trolls - I can't wait...

    Seriously, I would love to see them do an animated Shadows of the Empire - it's still possible, as all of the necesary voice cast are still alive. It woud be cool to see Dash Rendar come to life.

    Kev W

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    I wonder if they'll do that Star Wars TV show after all.....

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    I would have to guess that Kasdan and that other dude are working on parts 10, 11 and 12 (fuck roman numerals). If they're already planning on making them, there's no real reason not to start now. There is reason not to saturate the market, though.

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    I hope they have absolutely nothing to do with any established Star Wars canon, the Expanded Universe (especially) included.

    It's time for Stars Wars to be GOOD again. With rare exceptions (KOTOR, for instance) we've been mired in mediocrity at best for nearly 30 years.

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