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    Default When Bill Jemas Asked For Dave Elliott's Advice On The Ultimate Line - Pop Culture Hounding Marvel NOW!


    Chris Thompson writes;

    It?s a teeny tiny week for new Marvel Now! but at least it?s a good one with Matt Fraction & Mike Allred?s FF #1 ? To celebrate, Taylor and I also take a look at Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown #2 plus the accompanying soundtrack from Big Pimp Jones. You may have heard us talk about issue 1 on our first episode, but if not then here?s your chance.

    Plus, in a nice follow-up to last week?s interview with Ron & Josh from deviantART, I chat with industry legend Dave Elliott about his work with deviantART, what?s coming up for Atomeka Press, and how that ties in to his work with Titan Books. It all turns into a discussion about comics and the industry today, with some interesting stories about Dave?s time with Marvel before they launched the Ultimate line.

    If that?s not enough, we also announce our first major sponsor ? BrewDog Craft Beers who will be supplying us with drinks into the new year. To get in touch, discuss sponsorship opportunities or submit projects for consideration, please email You can also follow me on Twitter: @popculturehound.

    Taylor Lilley Twitter: @capelessTBig Pimp Jones Twitter: @BigPimpJonesBig Pimp Jones website: bigpimpjones.comKodoja website: kodoja.comDave Elliott Twitter: @DeevElliottDave?s deviantART page: deevelliott.deviantart.comAtomeka Press Twitter: @Atomeka_PressAtomeka Press on Facebook: Books:

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    The format of how Dave Elliott pictured the Ultimate line sounds a little like the DC Earth One books, except those versions aren't really new reader friendly.

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