This year's most original super hero series continues today, by writers?*Zak Penn (Avengers,?*X-Men II & III movies, Alphas TV show) and?*Scott Murphy (Star Wars The Clone Wars TV show)!

The bombshell is dropped and Adam?s life is changed irrevocably.?* He?s seen his idol close up and realizes the hero isn't all that he seems.?* Now Mara reveals the truth about Zenith?s origin and erratic behavior.?* And the mystery behind Adam?s transformation into the super powered Apex is revealed.?* But nothing can prepare him for his new mission??* Zak Penn and Scott Murphy?s incredible story is changing the way people look at superhero comics!

Here is a sneak preview of the interior pages...

Hero Worship #5 is available with a Regular, Wraparound, and a special Heroic Incentive cover by Michael Dipascale.

Hero Worship #5 Regular Edition$3.99, Item Code:?*SEP120854Cover by Michael DiPascale

Hero Worship #5 Wraparound Edition$3.99, Item Code:?*SEP120855Cover by Michael DiPascale

Hero Worship #5 Heroic Incentive EditionPI, Item Code:?*SEP120856Cover by Michael DiPascale