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    Default Pacific Rim Promo Video And Memo - Life During Giant Monster Wartime

    Ahead of the imminent trailer release for Guillermo Del Toro's much wanted Kaiju vs. Mechs movie, Pacific Rim, here's a little 'viral' video fun.

    The following memo and clip were premiered by Total Film.

    Trespasser event? I guess that's how they're referring to the first Kaiju to come through the portal and start stepping on our cities. Big slimy bastard.

    There's a countdown on the Pacific Rim promo website, suggesting that we're 14 days, 11 hours and 20 minutes away from the trailer at time of writing. Ooo!

    The film itself is a little further off, I'm afraid, with release set for July of next year.

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    Wow. In story they are called Kaiju. Huh. And.. Oh crazy. I am certain that is Brainiac himself, voice actor Corey Burton, doing the narration for the alert.

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