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    Default The Walking Dead Makes The AngoulÍme Official Selection For 2013, As Well As Fables, Dockwood, Big Questions And Daytripper

    The 40th AngoulÍme Festival has published its official selection of titles for the year, which form a shortlist for the Awards given out in the show in 2013.

    For the English-speaking comics industry, notable choices in the Official Selection includes the remarkable rise of zombie soap opera The Walking Dead, with Vol 16 making its way onto the list and official recognition for the book's rapid rising success in France. The list also includes Big Questions by Anders Nielson, Fables Vol 16, Fabio Moon and Gerard Ba's Daytripper and Jon McNaught's Dockwood. The Classic selection gives nods to Creepy Vol 1, the oversized hardcover reprint of Batman Year One by Miller and Mazzachelli, Krazy Kat Vol 1, a collection of HM Bateman cartoons, and Terry And The Pirates Vol 3. The crime/thriller selection also includes Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' Fatale.

    Here's how the different selections play out... click for more.

    Official Selection 2013

    Younger Selection 2013

    Classic Selection 2013

    Crime/Thriller Selection 2013

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    I'm glad Daytripper is on the shortlist. I don't think a comic has ever made me cry before that came out.

    Nice to see the Nao of Brown on there too. That's definitely on my list of good things that came out this year.

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    I hope more of these French titles will be translated into English, as Orbital is.

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    It's "Gabriel" BŠ.

    And yes, Daytripper deserves the praise.

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    Gerard BŠ? Really? Fucking really?

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