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    Default Even More Photos And Details For Doctor Who Christmas Episode

    Apparently today is Doctor Who Christmas Episode News Day (cards available from Hallmark), as in addition to our earlier story about the latest movie-style posters for The Snowmen, we've also found some new details and images of both returning and new characters.

    The dedicated fans over at Blogtor Who posted these scans from the cover of the latest edition of TV & Satellite Week, along with new information about the episode's plot.
    The hour-long episode, set in Dickensian London, introduces a new-look Doctor to a young governess, played byJenna-Louise Coleman,who is caring for the young young children of widower Captain Latimer, played by formerSilent Witnessstar Tom Ward.All is not well at the Latimers' gothic house, however, where something nasty is lurking in the garden, apparently controlled by the sinister Doctor Simeon (Richard E. Grant).
    Pictured below are Tom Ward and Richard E Grant in character: the former sporting an impressive beard and the latter wearing a fabulous hat.

    The first of the returning cast, as mentioned in the synopsis, is Jenna-Louise Coleman, last seen as a somewhat confused Junior Entertainment Manager called Oswin Oswald in the episode Asylum of the Daleks (that's all I'll say about her here - spoilers, sweetie). It's unclear how Coleman's original character is related to Clara the governess, but I suspect that wibbly-wobbly timey-wimeyness might be involved.

    The unlikely pairing of human Jenny Flint and Silurian (not to be confused with Salarian) Vastra, the Victorian sword-fighting duo who were first introduced in When A Good Man Goes To War, are set to return along with Strax the Sontaran and his magnificent quantities of lactic fluid. Here's an image of Strax and Vastra enjoying a festive drink.

    And finally, all images compiled into the original cover.

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    If Coleman brings even just a fraction of the charm she had onscreen playing Oswin we have a winner on our hands!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevaux The LEsser View Post
    If Coleman brings even just a fraction of the charm she had onscreen playing Oswin we have a winner on our hands!
    Yep, her charm and her chemistry with Eleven in just 5 minutes worth of screentime in ASYLUM, out does an entire Series of Amy and Rory.

    I can't wait for Clara!

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