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    Default Tom Cruise Lands His Chopper In Trafalgar Square For All You Need Is Kill

    Doug Liman's sci-fi actioner All You Need Is Kill has been filming in and around London, and this weekend brought the military rolling stock in to Trafalgar Square. At one point, Tom Cruise made his grand entrance in an RAF helicopter. We understand the scene is something to do with an attack on a nearby embassy, and Cruise is part of the forces brought in to defuse the situation.

    Here's a YouTube vid somebody caught of the chopper coming down.

    It all looks rather more contemporary and grounded than the first official image from the film - the one with the mech suit and the giant fireball.

    The following images look similarly 2012-styled. They come from the amassed paparazzi of The Daily Mail and The Telegraph.

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    Sad that this guy who worked hard to get serious acting roles such as Born on the 4th of July and Magnolia has devolved into a one-note, action movie junkie

    Hopefully, mercifully, he'll go the way of Van Damm and Segal - and start making straight-to-DVD movies

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