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    Default A Comic Book In Search Of A Publisher

    Yes it's that Alwyn Talbot. Here's a comic book in search of a publisher. Anyone want to make them an offer they can't refuse?

    GENRE: Sci-fi, military, action

    FORMAT: 5-issue standalone miniseries

    CREATORS:Writer - Geoffrey D. Wessel - gdwessel@hotmail.comArtist - Alwyn TalbotLetters/Design - Jim CampbellEditor - Martin ConaghanVariant cover by Gerry Alanguilan.

    HIGH CONCEPT:A young Space Marine comes back from his off-world campaign to an Earth that doesn?t know he exists, much less cares about him. As Private Michael Wishard struggles to adapt to a new world, politically socially & technologically, he is lured into a deadly criminal plot.

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    Yes it's that Alwyn Talbot.
    Glad we cleared that up. Was thinking it was the other Alwyn Talbot I hear about in the news lately.

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    Thanks a million, Rich.

    As for why not Kickstart? Well, we might. But Kickstarter's not the magick cure-all either. We're keeping options open right now.

    Thanks everyone for looking!

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