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    Default Now Really Is The Time To Buy Walking Dead Or Louie On Blu-Ray

    The special edition reissue of the first series of The Walking Dead and both the first and second series of Louie are at super-low prices right now.

    Walking Deadseason one is at $16.99, down from $59.99. Still my preferred season of the show - and the first episode is still my preferred episode.

    The first series of Louie is available in a DVD-Blu-ray combo pack for $12.49, down from $29.99. Amazingly, the second series is currently just $7.99 - the DVD edition is currently $12.49. Seems like being HD-ready pays. Season one plays on both my Region A and B decks whereas season 2 only plays on my Region A deck.

    There aren't any cameo appearances by David Lynch in either of the first two series' of Louie, but that's about the only downside.

    Here's the first Louie trailer, from way back when.

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    One of my greatest current sins is that I haven't watch CK's new show. Loved his old HBO one and his stand up is gutbustingly funny.
    It's a dire, pessimistic, myopic exploration into the world where an idiot human crushed the idealism of an alien child to the point he became an ineffectual, mopey, sad little boy who helped cause the deaths of thousands, if not millions. Not Superman at all. -Pop-Tart Samson

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