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    Default Check Your Walking Dead Vol 17 Trade Paperback

    Did you buy The Walking Dead Vol 17 in trade paperback this week? You might want to check you got all you were expecting.

    There are a number of reports of misprinted volumes with the last chapter, 102, replaced with a repeat of chapter 101.

    Now, 101 is a very good issue of the comic. But there's no need to read it twice in a row. And miss out the subsequent comic.

    It is expected that Image Comics will send out a recall notice to affected stores, so you might want to get in touch with your local comic shop and either get a replacement from their unaffected stock, or arrange a replacement for a later date. Online services such as Amazon are usually responsive to this kind of thing too.

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    I had that problem with Vol 16 as well. My Vol 17 is fine though. Thanks for the heads up

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    If all graphic novels would have page numbers, this would be easier to catch before it got sent out.

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    Did they outsource this to DC?
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