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    Default Video: Alan Moore's Act Of Faith And Brendon And Rich Review Jimmy's End

    To celebrate Rich's 40th birthday one day early, he and I took a trip to Northampton on Tuesday, to see the premiere of Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins' film, Jimmy's End. We also got to see a "trailer" for the film, which was in fact more of a prologue.

    The premiere took place in the location that Jimmy's End was filmed in and sorta-kinda set in, St. James' End Working Men's Club. Just knowing this gave real life a little tint, and before the film, I was feeling more and more like I was having a waking nightmare.

    So we had been set a little on edge and were primed to be disturbed before we'd even taken our seats for the screening. And I should tell you that after the film, Rich took a few minutes just to get up the courage necessary to go into the gents' loos...

    ...once we'd come back to the surface and were on the train home, Rich and I discussed what we had seen, in depth, but with no real spoilers. Here's a video of that ad hoc discussion. We probably agree about the film more than it might seem, seeing as this chat rolled naturally towards our disagreements...

    And here's Act of Faith, the prologue film. I was mistakenly under the impression that Jimmy's Enditself would be online to share by now, but it's apparently not set for release until next week. We'll be sure to share it in due course, mind.

    And finally, the trailer for Jimmy's End.


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    I like Moore. But that film was just dumb. It gave no reason for her feeling as she does. It tried to make itself out to be some sort of Noir. But honestly it was devoid of feeling. You were given no reason to be anything other than a voyeur in some woman's suicide.

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    Well the reason was spelled out in detail, wasn't it? It was a sex game. She calls the "paramedic" (who is her BF in the paramedic costume she arranged for at the costume shop) and he comes and "rescues" her from that slow version of hanging. But he got in an accident and she panics and...

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    I thought it rather clear, too. . . .

    Perhaps it spoils a part of Jimmy's End, since she's in it and gets a bag over head in the trailer.


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