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    Default DC Comics Issues Statement On Digital Distribution Timing

    We told you earlier today that this was coming. But I can't see many retailers jumping for joy. Changes to the digital timings, no changes as to when retailers can sell their titles. And this does go against previous promises made to retailers. DC explains why.
    DC Entertainment remains committed to the evolution of the comics business, and we will continue to adapt our practices to keep up with new growth opportunities, new consumer behaviors, and new partner protocol.

    We understand that some of you were disappointed by our recent digital periodical sales announcement. We want to reaffirm our commitment to partnership with the direct channel, and reiterate that we will give you as much notice as possible while balancing the net impact of announcements and confidentiality agreements.

    To better deliver on ?Same Day Digital,? we are announcing a revised sales practice going forward ? comiXology digital sales will begin at 3:00am Eastern on Wednesdays at the earliest, through our DCE/CX apps and websites, effective next week.

    Keep in mind, total parity is proving impossible across all channels. Other eBook partners (Amazon, Apple, B&N) will still begin ingesting our weekly content early Wednesday morning. But these ingestions occur randomly and with less precision than comiXology?s ? some weeks certain titles could release with any one of these platforms in certain parts of the country as early as 12:01am Eastern, but on other weeks (as we have learned already) we will be further back in their lengthy queues and our titles will release several hours later into Wednesday.

    Digital releasing varies widely ? by title, timing, tablet, and town ? minimizing any specific effect on your sales opportunities. Moving forward, we will closely track these release patterns, as part of our ongoing consideration of our sales practices. It may be of interest to note that, so far, the majority of sales on the comiXology platform between 12:01am and 9am Eastern have occurred outside of North America. As ever, we encourage you to contact comiXology about your store becoming an Affiliate partner.

    Through great content creation at DCE and great partnership with you, we've done what is viewed as impossible ? grown print and digital at the same time, creating new comic fans along the way.

    Thank you for your continued support,

    DC Entertainment

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    About frikkin time!

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    Exactly. The other major publishers release on ComiXology in the morning already changing the retail landscape. Makes sense for DC to follow suit.

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    Screw digital.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lexor7 View Post
    Exactly. The other major publishers release on ComiXology in the morning already changing the retail landscape. Makes sense for DC to follow suit.
    Valiant does this as well

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    We here at DC Entertainment understand your concerns. We want to assure you that you have nothing to worry about, as we know that comic book retailers have very big penises. We here at DC Entertainment have very small penises. So small.
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    It really is best to update website/content in the middle of the night, when online traffic is slowest. It's a quicker, smoother process with less chance of glitches than in the middle of the day when more people are making purchases on the site.

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    Top marks to whoever at DC entertainment wrote that blurb. It's a masterclass in underpants-on-head business speak. Going forward.

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    Is 3 AM really going to force someone to stop going to their LCS??? Who cares that much???
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