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    Default Read The Script For Prometheus From Before Damon Lindelof Got Involved

    Jon Spaihts was the original writer on what became Prometheus and it was his script that got the project moving forward with any real momentum. Over the weekend, a draft of Spaihts'Alien: Engineersturned up online and certainly seemed to be genuine.

    And so it was, with Spaihts himself tweeting:
    That's authentic.
    So, with thanks to Prometheus Movie, you can now read the pre-Lindelof Prometheus.

    This dates back to when the film featured facehuggers and chestbursters. Many of the other pieces are just the same, however - and in the same places too.

    Having just read it once, and pretty quickly, it looks to me like Engineers already had some of the problems of Prometheus baked-in, though maybe not the majority; conversely, it is missing some of the better and more memorable moments of the finished film.

    Seems to me like the film actually needed one more draft, not any less. Something to pull it all together, bringing the best of Spaihts and Lindelof and Scott into a coherent piece and then making sure the structure and character motivations all added up better.

    Alien: Engineers is a fascinating document for fans of the series. A shame it wasn't officially released as part of the otherwise massively comprehensive Blu-ray set, really.

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    one giant difference : first draft's action is on LV426.

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    Just read the whole thing. I think I would have liked this movie a lot more than the one that actually got made.

    This draft didn't have a lot of the problems that Prometheus had:
    • Scientists behave more like actual scientists (and the crew are less moronic in general)
    • The motivations (and fate) of the Engineers were actually explained
    • David is a more dynamic antagonist
    • It ties into Alien in a satisfactory way
    • No superfluous old man Weyland in the third act
    • Less pretentious soliloquising from the main characters
    • No mention of Stephen Stills

    On the whole, I agree with Brendon - another draft was needed. Perhaps not by Lindeloff, however.

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    Prometheus I found an excellent movie! But one thing I was clear, because a friend told me it would be the beginning of the movie old zero Alien, this is true? or a lie?
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    Agree with Brendon.

    This draft has a little of let's-just-end-it going on at the climax while it was much smarter earlier. We still don't get why the engineers are planning to xxxxxxxx, just that they were going to before xxxxxxxxx happened.

    I think the film was made weaker by many of the changes, particularly with some miners being turned into scientists who end up acting like miners.


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    MUCH better than the final product we got. As others have said, people (and their actions) actually MAKE SENSE in this script vs. the one that was filmed. Ugh! The stupid was so strong in Prometheus that it made the film practically unwatchable. It makes me sad to read this and imagine what could've been.

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