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Thread: Could We Get New Quantum And Woody?

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    Default Could We Get New Quantum And Woody?

    Kraig Rasmussen reported from Valiant Entertainmen's first official panel on the West Coast, at the Long Beach Comic Con.

    Bleeding Cool has already reported that two unpublished Quantum & Woody issues will appear on ComiXology as the classic Valiant title rolls out.

    But at LBCC, Valiant announced that "there is an announcement on the way about the future of the title".

    Announcement? Future? Title?

    Can we hope? Would it involve Priest? Mark Bright? How could it not?

    The panel also:
    • Showcased gorgeous Dave Johnson variant cover for Shadowman #1
    • Revealed art from Archer & Armstrong which revealed the current McHenry Geomancer
    • Introduced villain team Chainsaw for Bloodshot #5- created with the same science that made Bloodshot, but made specifically hunt him.
    • Revealed next Bloodshot arc will be Bloodshot: Harbinger Hunter- self explanatory but important to note it is not a crossover & will be self contained in the pages of Bloodshot (but WILL affect things in the Valiant universe as a whole.)
    • Revealed big event story X-O Manowar: Planet Death- Aric hunts the alien race who destroyed his people- Sci-Fi revenge tale. "Pullbox" alternate cover by Cary Nord
    • Harbinger #0- Josh Dysart wrote it, with art by Mico Suayan- will explain a lot about major character in Valiant universe Harada.
    • Harbinger: Renegades #6 will show consequences of events in issues 1. ?*Issue 7 will introduce Flamingo. ?*Harada moves his company into "martial law". Issue 8 introduces Torque. Art by Phil Briones.

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    I plead for anyone interested to NOT check it out if Priest and Bright aren't involved.
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    7th time's the charm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Johnston View Post
    But at LBCC, Valiant announced that "there is an announcement on the way about the future of the title".
    Is there any reason to believe that this ISN'T a reference to the same 2 issues in the drawer that were previously announced?

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    I would love to get more woody.

    Additional Quantum & Woody stories by Priest & Doc would be nice too.
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    It would need to involve Priest and Bright.

    Goddamn I wish Priest had stayed in comics.

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