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Thread: Cause-Play: The Story Of Pink Deadpool

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    Default Cause-Play: The Story Of Pink Deadpool

    Will Romine writes;

    Hey there friends! ?* "Cause-Play" is the trend I've noticed of cosplayers taking the recognition and awards of a quality costume to do some social good. "Cause-Play" is the trend I've noticed of cosplayers taking the recognition and awards of a quality costume to do some social good. ?*Now I'm no stranger to cos-play, so when I say this is a thing, it most definitely is.

    James Jwanowski is a prime example of a Cause-Player. ?*Jwanowski has spent the last 6 months going to cons in a Pink Deadpool to raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer. ?*Many Cos-Players replicate the most minute details of a characters costumes. Some create a better interpretation than Hollywood, but only a select few are actually superheroes. ?*Jwanowski is one of this select breed.

    I recently had a chance to speak with Pink Deadpool and the reception his costume has gotten since he debuted it at AnimeNext this past summer. ?*His girlfriend's mother is a breast cancer survivor and he has gotten a lot of positive attention from other breast cancer survivors at cons all along the Eastern Seaboard. ?*He's even inspired other Cos-Players to create pink variants of their costumes; including a pink Master Chief and Joker.

    Along with raising awareness, he also wants to raise funds for research. ?*His main strategy has been to enter costume contests with the idea of donating his winnings to Breast Cancer Charities. ?*However, winning a costume contest without latex molded?*prosthetics?*or body armor is almost impossible. ?*Thus, he's going with plan B. ?*Jwanowski has set up a website to translate the good tidings generated by his costume into donations for a cure. ?*We're all strapped for cash, but if you and a friend share one of your weekly comic buys, you'll each have $1.50 to donate. ?*Here's the link below.

    Also, if Rob Liefeld is reading this, James would really, really like to meet you.

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    It's not something Deadpool would approve of, because, well, he's a dick, but it's certainly something I approve of!

    Having lost my mother-in-law to breast cancer at far too young an age, I am all for telling the Merc With a Mouth he looks pretty in pink!

    -- Fabian

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    The suit is pretty spot on to the comic book suit. Thats very cool of him to do

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    Good work James Jwanowski.

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    Having first met James 2 years, he is seriously one of the nicest guys you could possibly meet and a big reason why I eventually started cosplaying myself.

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