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Thread: Dave Sim Goes On A Website Tour For Q&A

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    Default Dave Sim Goes On A Website Tour For Q&A

    The website A Moment Of Cerebus has been running HARDtalk style questions with Dave Sim for the past few weeks, about his Kickstartering, his decision to cancel Glamourpuss, the publication of The Strange Death Of Alex Raymond and much, much more.

    But he's clearly feeling a bit too restrained there.

    So he wants questions from other websites. And that includes Bleeding Cool. Those he answers will get a personalised autographed Cerebus comic, Not The 1995 World Tour Book with a head sketch. No holds barred, the Virtual Tour begins on the 5th of September. So... what is it you want to ask Dave Sim? Questions about comics, religion, misogyny, it's all yours, just post on the messageboard. I may add one or two myself.

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    Dave, everyone always seems to assume that stuff you wrote in Cerebus many years ago reflects your thinking as it remains today. I know I can look back at things I wrote years ago and see how they were very much a product of what was going on in my life at the time. Is that true to some extent for you too?
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    Default Commissions

    Dave, what's the best way to contact you for commissions? Will you do anymore headshot auctions via Ebay? Thanks.

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    Mr. Sim, we know you're a fan of Al Williamson and Mort Drucker, but what are your feelings about the work of some of the other EC artists, specifically Jack Davis, Johnny Craig and apparently nobody's favorite but mine, Jack Kamen? Thank you.
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    If there was enough money coming in to justify it, how many people would work at Aardvark-Vanaheim & what would their jobs be?

    Given that you had an amount of sales that income flow was no longer a significant consideration, how do you think that would effect your work?

    It seems there's all this concern about the continuation of glamourpuss, but will there eventually be the issue of Cerebus Archive about making that very issue of Cerebus Archive?

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    So the "Death of Alex Raymond" will be completed and collected (which is nice), but the "history of photorealistic comics" that leads into it and is referenced heavily throughout, is that going to be a part of the "Alex Raymond" volume, will it be collected separately, or will it only be available in the single issues or digitally? It didn't seem to be clear from the interviews.

    That's the part that really interests me, the discussions of craft in that section. The "Strange Death of Alex Raymond" is nice, but overly speculative for my tastes.

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    Do you have any love/affection/passion/enjoyment/whateveryouwanttocallit left for making comics? Or is it more a matter of, "I've been doing this for more than 30 years, what else would I do?"

    Do you still talk to McFarlane or any of the original Image boys?
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    Default the Guide to Self Publishing

    Any chance of a digital edition of the self publishing guide (say, via Amazon Kindle)? I'd imagine it would be a lot less involved, as far as digital pre-press goes, and it would surely be helpful to new cartoonists.

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    Default Wally Woods 22 or 24 Panels That Always Work

    Hello Dave,
    You recently devoted a whole episode of Cerebus TV about Wally Wood's 22 Panels That Always Work. In the 1980 Wally Wood Sketchbook published by Bill Crouch, there are three pages which show those 22 panels (some are slightly different) plus 2 other panels, which are not part of the 22. They are the last two panels on the first page below. Is there any known explanation as to why these two panels were dropped or were they merely forgotten?




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    The 80s are long gone now. The eighties were the years of Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Stephen Bissette, Rick Veitch... what are your fondest memories of them (the 80s and these guys). Do you still talk to them?
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