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Thread: Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh: In Space, Everyone Can See You Being Stupid

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    Did the script have holes in it? Yes, J.J. Abrams was involved with the production after all.

    Was the science behind the movie explained or even 2% accurate in reality? No, because it is SCIENCE FICTION!

    Was the movie entertaining? Hell yes! Well worth the $10 matinee ticket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by papabear View Post
    Did the script have holes in it? Yes, it was wrote by J.J. Abrams after all.
    No it wasn't. Big plot hole and lazy writing in the above comment.

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    I agree that the illogic of the story spoils enjoyment, and that there probably aren't any answers for questions like these or complete nonsense like this, the reviewer makes many points which are even sillier than the plot he despises so much. Luckily you guys have called him on most of them, so I'm going to stay off the dog pile... for now!

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    The reviewer clearly has taken offense to the question's raised regarding creationism, as in, it's a load of boo hockey. For a regular minded person, it is ALL regarded as sci-fi, that is bible, religion and so on. Normal minded folk can enjoy the film on a different level to 'those' people.
    I loved this movie even though the plot hole's were massive but as a horror movie, and it was that, it was horrific and terrifying!

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    It's difficult to empathise with Shaw because the character doesn't ring true. we're told she's a scientist but she doesn't behave like a scientist. none of the "scientists" do in this movie. i don't feel her passion or sense of intellectual curiousity. she's also not detail oriented. "I choose to believe" is not good enough. a scientist would subscribe to scientific methods even if she's religious. like a doctor might believe a woman can be created from a man's rib but he wouldn't apply that to his medical practice.

    Also, she doesn't behave like a person of faith. Not because she doesn't quote scripture throughout but she doesn't seem to display a spiritual side. What is the nature of her faith? What did she hope to find in this expedition? her christian God? why wasn't she disappointed that's it's some pale, ripped alien dude? at the end she behaved like she was going to find some sort of enlightenment if she only knew why these alien dudes with biological weapons want to wipe out her planet

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