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Thread: Thursday Trending Topics: Ethan Van Sciver, Gail Simone, Plastic Man, And Something Else

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    Default Thursday Trending Topics: Ethan Van Sciver, Gail Simone, Plastic Man, And Something Else

    Probably more than meets the eye, here: "On his upcoming super secret project with Gail Simone- It?s a really lame embarrassing silver age character that he?s working on in an outside the NU52 kind of way and will be a 100 page horror book. EVS then showed the moderator of the panel a photo of the redesigned character which made him very happy and silenced all at once."(via) Still, presuming Plastic Man is in fact involved in there somewhere, it'll be nice to see the character around -- and in a horror book? Sounds interesting.

    Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

    Ethan Van Sciver And Gail Simone Bring Back Plastic Man? On The Side.
    Okay, it?s time to go over my notes from Phoenix Comic Con? it?s amazing what you hear and then suddenly forget. Unless you write it down. I had Katana, Gillen/Land Iron Man, Justice League Of America? but there?s a couple of ones I managed to miss.
    When Kyle Rayner Took Alan Scott To A Gay Dance
    Green Lantern Vol 3 #144. Might be worth a quick peek. If only for scenes like this, with Kyle Rayner and Alan Scott?
    New 52 Gets A Game ? Injustice: Gods Among Us
    The clue comes with the crumbling DC Peel logo. A trailer for a new console/PC game, Injustice: Gods Among Us, featuring the icons of the DC Universe in their DC New 52. So that?s probably the new look for Solomon Grundy, too. Developed by the Mortal Kombat team, time to do some screencapping I think?
    Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

    Iron Man 3 To Feature Iron Patriot, But There?s A Catch?
    Set pictures have revealed the inclusion of Iron Patriot in the next Iron Man movie. I wasn?t expecting this.
    The Top Ten Most Ridiculous Movie Posters At Cannes This Year
    It can be difficult to make a movie stand out, especially in the independent market. Cinema has been around for well over a century and story-telling has been around for a few millennia, so it?s getting hard to come up with an original idea that grabs an audience?s attention from the title alone.
    The Real Reasons For The GI Joe 2 Delay ? And Duke Becomes Schrodinger?s Soldier
    Now the dust has started to settle, the damage control is at least mostly done and the decision actually made, the real reasons for the massive delay to GI Joe: Retaliation?s release date have begun to appear. Both Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter are running stories that cite the actual reasons as being, in no particular order;

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    I'm pulling for a horror story starring Comet the Super Horse.

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