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Thread: Saturday Trending Topics: Not Groovy? (Also: SUPERMOON)

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    Default Saturday Trending Topics: Not Groovy? (Also: SUPERMOON)

    This is strange: "Award Pictures are pressing ahead with plans to produce the new sequelEvil Dead: Consequenceswithout the involvement ofSam Raimior his company, Renaissance Pictures. Award?s claim is that Renaissance abandoned the Evil Dead trademark, and amongst their evidence is a quote from Raimi, published in a book in 2000,* wherein he says that he would ?never? make another sequel."

    Also: It appears to be time to re-open last year's SUPERMOON poll.

    [polldaddy poll=4750677]

    Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

    Cosplay Round-Up from Stampede City (Yee-Haw!)
    We present, for your viewing enjoyment, a selection of photos taken at Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2012!
    Free Comic Book Day In Swag, Cosplay, Queues And Sketches
    Here?s a few shots, via Twitter, of how Free Comic Book Day has been going down around the world?
    Before Watchmen, Nineteen Eighties Style
    In the book Comics: Between The Panels by Mike Richardson and Steve Duin, they tell a number of comic book industry stories over the decades. Including comics that never made it to print. Such as an earlier stab by DC Comics at something like Before Watchmen.
    Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

    ?Mewling Quim? And That Mid-Credit Smile In The Avengers Movie
    As more and more people get to see The Avengers movie (it?s out in the UK today), there are more and more questions being asked. But these are the two bigger ones.
    James Cameron Teases Avatar 4, Seems To Kill Off Battle Angel
    I don?t know if it?s because planning for the Avatar sequels has been going so well, or maybe James Cameron?s scripts for parts 2 and 3 have ended up overrunning, but for the first time, the writer-director has mentioned the possibility of a part 4.
    As Well As A Remake, Evil Dead Is Getting Another Sequel? Unless Sam Raimi Can Stop It
    Here?s a cautionary tale for filmmakers everywhere, to teach them that they should never say never. Not unless they want to waste their time in courtrooms, anyhow.

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    The only thing I don't understand about the poll for 'Who'd draw the best Supermoon' is how ANYONE COULD GET LESS VOTES THAN ROB LIEFELD.

    Marc Silvestri could draw a better ANYTHING even if he had to use a ketchup-dipped french fry lodged in his anus.

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