Must admit I was a little disappointed to see some mixed signals on the future of Hulk movies from various sources over the past couple weeks. Even though Hulk and Incredible Hulk both got mixed reviews, I loved seeing the character on the big screen (particularly in Incredible Hulk).So it was good to see that the character's stint in The Avengers may have changed some hearts and minds among the decision makers.

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Scott Lobdell To Take Over Superman From Jurgens And Giffen
Bleeding Cool heard that the New DCU Zero issues in September, now confirmed by DC artists, may lead to some creative changes in their wake.
Marvel Fashion Stylings Hit Australia
Fashion Week in Australia opened with this nineteen sixties Marvel inspired collection from the Romance Was Born studio designers Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales, who had access to Marvel?s archives for this line. The clothes mix Kirby and Steranko rather liberally. And without credit, naturally.
Marvel To Release Astonishing X-Men #50 One Day Early
Worried that Marvel?s big media release on Tuesday, May 22nd for Astonishing X-Men #50 and the marriage proposal therein will spoil your enjoyment? of the issue on sale the next day? In which either Northstar or Kyle proposes, and the other accepts,?
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Marvel Looking At New Hulk Movie For 2015 After Big Green Is A Smash In The Avengers
My favourite subplot in The Avengers, if I can call it that, is the arc that Bruce Banner goes through. He?s such a problematic character for me, generally, but Joss Whedon seems to have nailed his insecurities rather brilliantly.
New Viral Unlocking Next Dark Knight Rises Trailer A Frame At A Time ? See Some Of It Play Out Now
In theory, this new viral means we could end up with the entire third trailer for The Dark Knight Rises well ahead of its official release at the end of the week.
Three Star Trek Sequel Factoids: Who Is Cumberbatch Playing? Which Aliens Are Returning? Is Nimoy Really Coming Back?
Most of the principal photography for the Star Trek sequel has now been completed, with just a little more on-location work to come in May. Before we know it, there will be official images, footage and ? dah dah! ? a title.