I saw a suggestion on twitter yesterday that BC's headline revelation that there is a facial expression used in the credits scene of the Avengers is a spoiler -- though the character using said expression was not named or hinted at. I disagree that that's a spoiler, but if you don't want to know whether a completely un-hinted-at character was laughing, crying, shocked,disgusted, or pleased... definitely don't read this headline.(and of course, don't scroll down)

(It's the same post that has thousands of people the world over googling to BC to find out what "mewling quim" means, but never mind that now.)

And whatever you do, definitely don't read the replies to that post until after you've seen the movie. Because I think BCers have some pretty good ideas about the implications of that credits scene, and what it might mean for a certain character --or even characters -- who have been in the news recently.

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