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Thread: Monday Trending Topics: The Day After C2E2

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    Default Monday Trending Topics: The Day After C2E2

    Comic book art lost and found? Marvel's #United6 and their long journey home (soon to be a Marvel comic story, perhaps)... it was a pretty eventful post-Con Monday. And of course, we've had lots and lots of C2E2 coverage along the way. (United 6 poster by@JimboMont)

    Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

    And Finally? The New Justice League Via X-Men #1
    From Jeremy Roberts, a tribute to Geoff Johns and Jim Lee?s Justice League, by way of Chris Claremont and Jim Lee?s X-Men #1?
    The Comic Book Pages That The Hyatt Lost At C2E2
    Once upon a time, someone grabbed a portfolio off me and ran off the train. It contained two pages of Alan Davis? Marvelman, the scene where Winter sees Garguanza from the womb. They were never recovered. This was almost twenty years ago and it still hurts.
    Archie Comics Goes Gender Swapping
    We?ve had political candidates. Gay military interracial marriages. Occupy protests. What?s next for Archie Comics to hit the headlines?
    Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

    Here Are TWO New Spider-Man Posters, For Real ? UPDATED
    Let?s forget about last night?s fan-made hoax. None of you were able to find the new Spider-Man poster hanging in cinemas, despite Sony?s promise that it was out there. Perhaps they lied to us.
    Last Night?s Simpsons Couch Gag By Bill Plympton
    Putting the couch at the centre of the picture, narratively as well as literally, this special animated sequence by Bill Plympton is one of the strangest and most melancholy openings for The Simpsons that I?ve ever seen.
    Iron Man 3 Headed To China, And They?ll Be Picking Up Some Of The Tab Too
    Read into this what you will, but some of Iron Man 3 is apparently going to be filmed in China, with the co-operation, and investment, of DMG Entertainment.

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    The feeling I got from C2E2 was that DC is in panic! Old DC readers were getting aggressive over the changes in their favorite books, most people were talking about how the reboot is flopping month after month, attendance on the DC panels left a lot to be desired and DC creators tried to defend their work but they were mostly apologetic to the fans; you could tell that they know things are certainly NOT going the way they expected!

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