So that's over for another year. Gotta admit I'm one of those people who finds April Fools the most annoying internet day of the year, but there were a few good ones this time around -- notably IDW's Mars Attacks Broadway Musical written by John Layman. AndScott Dunbier got me for about 5 minutes with this tweet.What can I say? I'm an original art guy, and the thought of anenormous Winsor McCay art book temporarily overpowered reason.

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

FOOL: Stephanie Brown Returns In New DC Title Spoiler, To Be Funded By Kickstarter
On Friday, DC editorial types were stating that there were no more plans for Stephanie Brown, previously Robin, Batgirl and Spoiler in the old DCU, in current books.
ECCC DC New 52 Panel: Earth 2, Batman?s Cape, Flash?s New Villain, Batwing And JLI
Not a ton of new info was given out during DC?s New 52 panel, but there were some gems. Batman editor Mike Martsput a good deal ofemphasison the company?s ?New Wave? of titles arriving in May.
And Finally? A Few Of Today?s April Fools
Across the rest of the comics net, it was a poor turnout this year, some sites still recovering from being tricked by IDW into running a story declaring that Mars Attacks was to be a Broadway musical written and produced by John Layman. Two days later, Bleeding Cool pointed out that it was a hoax. Today IDW made that official.
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Here?s a new TV spot for The Avengers and, below it, a screen grab revealing one of Loki?s alien warriors. And it?s very clear. And you can see exactly what it is?
Where The Avengers Fits Into The Long-Term Marvel Movie Plan? And What About Civil War?
Here?s a second short report from our remote video discussion with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige at Disney?s Hammersmith offices, ahead of the release of The Avengers (Avengers Assemble in the UK) next month.
The Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour ? Review And Photos
Yesterday we published an interview with David Yates, after he stopped by the Warner Bros Studio Tour to talk about his history with the films and his future plans. Now it?s time to look at the tour itself.