It's pretty clear that digital comics in all their myriad forms are going to continue to change the way that comics are produced and consumed in 2012 -- and that the transformation appears to be accelerating. Publishers are experimenting, creators are experimenting, and the display on the new iPad is set to get all kinds of new people interested in comics, I suspect.

And that last part is the key point. The conversation has gotten pretty heated today, but I think most people ultimately realize that this can be good for all comics -- even print comics -- if the business and creative innovation continues.

But none of that is what I wanted to actually talk about tonite. I'm really most curious about what treasures lurk in the comic book collection that Mark Waid is now rather famously selling. I mean, Superman Bradman is a tough book, and infamous among DC completists. And of course, Waid is well known for his extensive knowledge of vintage DC, so what else could be in there? I'll be watching to see what else shows up for sure...

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There?s already a draft of the script for the next Tron movie and two of the film?s producers, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, who were writers on Legacy, have read it. They probably shouldn?t be saying anything, and indeed they?re trying not to.