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Thread: Lying In The Gutters - 19th December 2011

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    Default Lying In The Gutters - 19th December 2011

    So anyway, that's my Christmas card this year. Merry Christmas all, to those who get Lying In The Gutters by e-mail. Bleeding Cool will be running through the holiday season, including Christmas Day, though there may be a slightly reduced service as everyone shuts up shop.

    But before then, what have you been most fascinated about at Bleeding Cool this week?

    Top Twenty Posts By Traffic

    1. The Shot That Starts Avengers Vs X-Men

    2. Whatever Happened To The 1988 Death of Superman?

    3. Barbara Gordon Back In The Wheelchair

    4. The Frank Cho Vagina That Wasn't

    5. The Removed Dark Knight Bootlegged Trailer

    6. Is Marcus Johnson The Son Of Nick Fury?

    7. Catwoman, Storm, Wonder Woman And She Hulk Examine Their Breasts

    8. Eduardo Barreto Passes At 57

    9. Sixteen Thoughts About Sixteen DC Comics

    10. What If... Herge Created The X-Men?

    11. Can't Understand Bane? Maybe These Script Pages May Help

    12. Amazing Spider-Man "First In A Series"

    13. Natalie Portman "Furious" And "Deeply Upset"

    14. Jim Shooter Said, Steve Englehart Said

    15. Pics From Pron XXX

    16. The Avengers Cool New Banner... And Another One

    17. James Bond Rumour Raises Its Head Again

    18. Avengers Vs X-Men #0 Comes With Free Digital Download

    19. Sherlock Season 2 Gets An Airdate, ?*New Artwork And A Blurb

    20. Five Ways The Comics Industry Could Dramatically Change In 2012. Aside From Digital.

    And Ten Posts You May Prefer

    1. DC To Publish Batman Black And White Sequel

    2. Why Not Spend This Winter Season At The Star Wars Snowboard Park?

    3. What Is Bryan Hitch Counting Down Towards?

    4. Two Terry Gilliam Christmas Cards - From 2011 And 1968

    5. The Coffee Shop That Merged With A Comic Shop

    6. Ridley Scott's Most Revealing Prometheus Interview Yet

    7. Whatever Happened To Terry Kavanagh

    8. Noomi Rapace And Maybe Rachel McAdams To Get Caught In The Throes Of Brian De Palma?s Passion

    9. Gareb Shamus To Sell His Shares In Wizard World

    10. Two Grown Adults And Two Young Kids Take Alvin And The Chipmunks Rather Too Seriously

    And special thanks to Adi Tantimedh, Patrick Willems, Aaron and Anna, DB Hughes,?* Scott Edelman, Grace Randolph, Dave Wallace, Ian Mayor,

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    hey can post!
    i just cant post freely, differently rules for different people on here. can i say vagina?

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