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Thread: Hamlet And Juliet Get Jiggy With It

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    Default Hamlet And Juliet Get Jiggy With It

    I understand that during the course of the new Kill Shakespeare comic book series out this week, in which which Hamlet, Juliet, Othello and Falstaff have to team up to beat Richard III, Iago and Lady Macbeth (and so recently vicerated by Kimberley Cox) that Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark and Juliet of the house of Verona find a romatic connection. They, as Shakespeare himself put it, may well "make the beast with two backs".

    Some controversy has been removed in that Juliet is no longer the fourteen year old of the play, but is now a current-day-legally respectable eighteen year old. And Hamlet's path has strayed off the course of the play we are now familiar with, on a hunt to track down the quill of the evil wizard Shakespeare, and thus kill him.

    It looks like Juliet may well be hunting Hamlet's quill instead.

    Still, it could have been more controversial. Juliet could have been seen tupping with a certain Othello...

    The first issue of Kill Shakespeare ships this week from IDW.

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    ...What? No Prospero appearing out of nowhere and doing a Palpatine on everyone? Or Shylock suing both sides to the poorhouse?

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