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Thread: First Image From Eli Roth's Cannibal Movie The Green Inferno

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    Default First Image From Eli Roth's Cannibal Movie The Green Inferno

    I can't quite decode what's going on in this image from The Green Inferno but some obvious implications put the girl at the centre in trouble.

    That's Kirby Bliss Blanton, I believe, who is on the cast withLorenza Izzo, Ariel Levy, Aaron Burns, Daryl Sabara, Magda Apanowicz and Sky Ferreira. Well, I say cast. I might mean menu.

    As the watermark tells you, I found the image at Shock Till You Drop. Here's how they summarise the movie's plot:
    The filmfollows an idealistic student and a group of naive do-gooders who are captured by cannibalistic Indios after their plane crash lands in the Peruvian jungle.
    UPDATE: Roth himself sent through the correct plot blurb, so here's that instead:
    A group of student activists from New York City travel to the Amazon to protect a dying tribe, but crash in the jungle and are taken hostage by the very natives they saved.
    This will be a very messy, sticky film, I'm sure. If it's anything like Roth's other films, I expect I'll find it quite fascinating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brendon Connelly View Post
    This will be a very messy, sticky film, I'm sure. If it's anything like Roth's other films, I expect I'll find it quite fascinating.
    Really? I've always found him to be a much less talented Tarrantino, who instead of improving and transforming the sources he lifts from, just straight up re-uses other filmmakers shots and scenes without any of the underlying depth or brilliance about them.
    Cabin Fever was a bit of fun for someone just making a showreel film, and had some interesting and unpredictable turns (swapping genres at the drop of a hat) although I'd have said enjoyble rather than fascinating, but the only other two films he's made are Hostel and Hostel Part 2 (which really should have been titled "Hostel, Again!")
    I'm not sure what was fascinating about the Hostel films - people strapped to chairs getting tortured via methods that seemed to be lifted straight from Chan Wook Park's Revenge trilogy, just stripped of context and thus the pathos behind them. Y'know, the gore but not what made it interesting.

    Anyway, that's my views on his work, what's fascinating about his work?
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    Eli Roth couldn't direct traffic.
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    I could not see another movie directed by or starting Eli Roth and die happy.
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    Hostel was Boring. Gore Porn. With not enough plot or character developement to really get to me.
    Looked like he got some of the props for it from the dollar bin at halloween town, IMHO.
    Might watch this flick; but if I did it'd be in october. I'm not one for horror at this season (beyond maybe some DelToro).
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    He's an exploitation director - and that's a-okay. The trick is to not try and elevate him any higher than that - which seems to happen constantly. He's good at exploitation stuff which is, generally speaking, not trying to be anything deeper than what you see on the surface and appealing to a limited audience. I may not like much of what he's done, but I'm glad there's still trash merchants out there keeping it sleazy.
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    I still want to see Thanksgiving if anything else by Roth.

    He definetly shouldn't be acting tho'. At times, his delivery is cringeworthy.
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