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Thread: A Good Look At Sam Raimi's The Wicked Witch - But Who Is She?

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    Yeah.. it seems people are forgetting there are two wicked witches in Oz. They could just as well both turn out to be wicked.

    Actually.. screw that. They definitely are. Michelle Williams is playing Glinda.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cavemold View Post
    she hulk sister?
    Or She Hulk halloween costume... either way works for me. And to hell with Scarecrow and Tin Man... I got a broomstick for her to ride!

    I've been so distracted(and can you blame me?), that I didn't even notice something...

    ...SAM RAIMI?!?!?!
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    ~Hah... HAH, I SAY!!! The only way I'll even start to believe any attempt that he makes to pay what he owes is sincere and genuine is if he pawns the damn Porsche and uses that as collateral.

    This is like me shooting a baby in the head, and trying to sound all repentative pleading my case, WHILE CHEWING ON IT'S CORPSE.~

    My opinion of Pat Lee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StarCruncher View Post
    Don't make me slap you. Get thee to a LCS or Amazon and buy the Starman Omnibus, Moldy!
    dont hurt me baby!

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    Quote Originally Posted by myakoopa View Post
    Scarecrow, actually.

    It's a shame they're messing with the backstory established in Wicked. That play made me look at The Wizard of Oz in a completely different light.
    Gregory Maguire should sue!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maniacmatt View Post
    Maybe it's because I'm more of an ass man, but the cleavage in the pic hardly seems to be as gratuitous as your comment is suggesting.
    Ain't saying it's gratuitous, but it's the first thing I noticed (well, I'm a boob guy) and I don't really care for it (the dress, as opposed to the boobs).

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    From Collider:
    30 Things to Know About Sam Raimiís OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL From Our Set Visit; Plus Video Blog Recap
    Sam Raimi Talks Pulling Material from Baumís Books, Crafting the Look of Oz, Not Tarnishing the Original, & More on the Set of OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL
    Quote Originally Posted by Steve 'Frosty' Weintraub
    Whatís the balance between reverentially regarding Mr. Baumís material, which has endured on its merits, for well nigh a century and wanting to make that alive and fresh for the modern sensibility of a modern movie-going audience?

    Well, when I came to the project, I had never read any of Baumís work and Iíve only read four of the books now. First of all, I so loved the movie The Wizard of Oz that I was afraid to read versions of it that were not exactly what I loved so much about the movie. This is very strange, I didnít want the book to mess up the movie for me, this is where I was at. But then, after I read the screenplay, which I loved, I started to read the books and appreciate Baumís work. I was so surprised at how exactly [the movie] The Wizard of Oz was his first book. His work is fresh right now. Itís brilliant and affecting and the characters donít need to be refreshened by anybody.

    However, the screenplay is based on a lot of elements of a lot of his books. In many of his books, and even more than the ones I read, he would go back and talk about the wizard. Thereís a little bit about the wizard in the first one, a little bit about the wizard in three and four. He went back and said, ďHereís how the wizard got here and this was his backstory.Ē So what the writer, Mitchell Kapner, did was he took all those elements that were given to the audience in later books that heís kind of rearrangedÖnot ďkind of,Ē heís put them back in chronological order of what happened to the wizard, how the wizard got there to the Land of Oz.

    So heís already taken tremendous artistic license and itís not exactly what happened in the books that was talked about, may have been referenced. Heís had to fill in the blanks. So, when I read the screenplay, it was never a faithful adaptation of any of the books. It was the writer piecing together what Baum had given him, and then he had to fill in a tremendous amount of blanks. There was no information there.

    What might have the Wicked Witch or these other characters have been doing during this time? Sometimes it was written about, sometimes it wasnít. So, I think Mitchell Kapner could best speak about it, but heís taken elements of the books and rearranged them in what could have happened. Itís a ďwhat ifĒ story.

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