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Thread: Two Different Trailers For Broken Lizard\'s Freeloaders With Olivia Munn And Nat Faxon

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    Default Two Different Trailers For Broken Lizard\'s Freeloaders With Olivia Munn And Nat Faxon

    Entertainment Tonight have published a new trailer for Freeloaders, the new comedy by Broken Lizard, perpetrators of Beerfest and Super Troopers.

    It's not the first Freeloaders trailer, as many outlets are reporting - there was another one in the summer that, being more or less a one man band, I didn't get to it before something much more interesting came along.

    So here are both now. And, being trailers, they pretty much speak for themselves so I'm going to sign off before and I waste all the time I saved by skipping this the first time around.

    Freeloaders - Official International Trailer HD by myfilm-gr

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    These guys were one-hit wonders with Super Troopers. Nothing else they've done has made me laugh anywhere near that hard.

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    Olivia Munn needs to stop "acting". She was in a sorta Broken Lizard movie(it had 3 of the guys in it) with a limited release earlier this year and she was awful in it. I don't watch it but I hear she is just as bad in HBO's Newsroom. To be honest, I don't even find her that attractive either. She makes Jenny McCarthy look talented.

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    I'd hesitate to call this a Broken Lizard film, as it's lacking in Broken Lizard.

    It needs to be those same five guys, just like Super Troopers, just like Club Dread, just like Beerfest, just like Slammin Salmon.

    Without those five guys front and centre, this movie means nothing to me.

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