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Thread: The Muppets\' New Christmas Music Video, Featuring CeeLo Green And Craig Robinson

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    Default The Muppets\' New Christmas Music Video, Featuring CeeLo Green And Craig Robinson

    Come for The Muppets... stay for The Muppets. CeeLo Green is really just an incidental in this new music video for his Christmas song, All I Need Is Love. Craig Robinson makes a cameo appearance and the end credits, after the song is done, feature a few good bonus bits.

    I see Walter has the same iPhone case as me. Of course.

    Well, that gives the little fellas something to do between now and the New Year, when they'll be packing up and coming over to the UK to begin production of their next feature film. You'll see performances of this song on Good Morning America and The Voice this week, I believe.

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    This was almost as disappointing as the recent movie.

    Oh, how I long for the days when the Muppets were sophisticated and clever!
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    I like the muppets, but that song felt like it was a three line chorus repeated over and over.

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