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Thread: Edgar Wright's The World's End To Get Steven Price Score, Dance Sequence And... Zombies?

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    Default Edgar Wright's The World's End To Get Steven Price Score, Dance Sequence And... Zombies?

    Steven Price's score and composition work for the movies include Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity, which can't come out soon enough, as well asAttack the Block and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, both of which areEdgar Wright-related - not to mention, rather nice sounding indeed.

    Now, that relationship is set to continue, with Film Music Reporter naming Price as the man charged with setting music to Wright's upcoming The World's End, the last part of the Blood and Ice Cream trilogy.

    Music, it almost goes without saying, was very important to both of the previous Blood and Ice Cream films, but there might be a new twist to how it's being used in this third instalment.
    1st day filming The World's End -suitably heading forZone 8....

    ? Thomas Matthews (@thomasdmatthews) November 1, 2012
    Have no idea what I'll be asked to do but everyone else learning dance routine. Exciting.

    ? Thomas Matthews (@thomasdmatthews) November 1, 2012
    "Everyone else" includes the three young women I mentioned in my previous post on the film, those potential mermaids and/or unorthodox love interests, at least one of them with a career record in song and dance.

    And, as well as those girls, this lady.
    All geared up to be a dancing zombie . Filming the World's End this week #cornetto

    ? Courtney Cornfield (@ctothepowerof3) October 30, 2012
    A dancing what, sorry?

    She goes on.
    My new book title "from cat in the hat to zombie" a mother's tail.(I was cat in the hat for halloween and now filming as zombie)

    — Courtney Cornfield (@ctothepowerof3) November 1, 2012
    @simonpegg good nigh Mr Pegg.I just got home from the school disco

    — Courtney Cornfield (@ctothepowerof3) November 3, 2012
    So, could there be a closing of the circle here? Are there going to be zombies in The World's End as well as Shaun of the Dead? School Disco suggests the possibility of this being a scene set in the character's younger days - potentially at the same time and in the same world as Shaun? Nah. They wouldn't have two apocalypses-in-progress, would they?

    Ms. Cornfield could be referring to a Hallowe'en costume, I suppose. Or some other kind of zombie - somebody out of their mind on dance floor candy. But I'm stretching.

    Either way, it doesn't matter too much. This must surely be one of the most promising films of 2013, and whatever Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and co. are cooking up deserves to be eagerly awaited.

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    The more I hear about this film the more I think it may owe a lot to the Odyssey. A quest interrupted by 3 unconventional love interests/mermaids (sirens) and the potential end of the world. And now reanimated corpses?
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