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Thread: Kick-Ass Cast Lining Up To Return, Millar Reveals What Nicolas Cage Will Be Doing

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    Default Kick-Ass Cast Lining Up To Return, Millar Reveals What Nicolas Cage Will Be Doing

    Chloe Moretz, Aaron Johnson and Christopher Mintz-Plasse have lined up to broker their deals for Kick-Ass 2. Deadline add that Nicolas Cage is yet to receive an offer, but is still talking officially about rejoining the team.

    As to what Nicolas Cage would be doing in the new film, Mark Millar has started to whip up rumours:
    But how great would one of the Hit-Girl mini-series flashbacks be in this movie? New training sequences with Big Daddy and his daughter back when she was little? I can neither confirm nor deny, but the Nic Cage rumour is certainly interesting.
    So there's that then. The idea of a Hit-Girl flashback would leave me scratching my head a little, seeing as how Chloe Moretz has aged, and considerably, since the last film, if it weren't for John Romita Jr.'s recent comments. Here's how I reported them previously:
    Romita also said that he?d like to take charge on an animated sequence for the film but the details of that are still up in the air. Here?s hoping they get locked down soon enough.
    It makes sense.

    Millar promises that the beginning of the film is very much modeled on his Hit Girl comic series, shipping with near-perfect timing in less than two weeks. With up to thirty minutes taken from those comics, I wonder how much screen time actual Kick-Ass 2 material will get.

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    Considering how "realistic" Kickass became towards the end, Nic Cage should pop-up as the long-lost evil twin.
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    I dont care how they do it, I just want Nicolas Cage in this thing. He was the best part of the first one.

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    Nick Cage did an incredibly job in the first movie, really played to his strength... so I'd love to see him back, even as a flashback.

    Really looking forward to number 2, so long as it focuses more on Hitgirl and less on the whiny dude.

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