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Thread: Pics: Mad Max Cars On The Road... To Namibia

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    Default Pics: Mad Max Cars On The Road... To Namibia

    Production on George Miller's Mad Max seqboots, Fury Hill and Furiosa are set to begin production in the spring. The original plan to film in Miller's native Australia has come a cropper, however, as the locations have turned out to be rather too verdent.

    So, the production is relocating to Namibia, and will start in March. This is according to Tom Hardy, the new Max, in an interview with The Daily Beast.

    Getting a head start on the cast are several of the cars that will appear in the film. A member of the Mad Max forums spotted them on the road and took these pictures:

    The forum poster was told that the cars were en route to Sydney and would then go off to South Africa. Well, Namibia used to be in South Africa, so okay.

    Further down the forum thread came a nice bit of detective work and confirmation that these were cars intended for the Mad Max films and not just some Monsters. A user posted this old Google Earth image of the film's prop cars all parked together.

    Cunning. Gold star for that.

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    Namibia is still in south africa... not the nation, but the geographical location.

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