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Thread: Pop Culture Hounding Max Bemis - And Then Off To Thought Bubble

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    Default Pop Culture Hounding Max Bemis - And Then Off To Thought Bubble

    At 11.50 at Thought Bubble in Leeds, Chris Thompson will be hosting a panel on the impact on digital on comics with Jordie Bellaire, Nathan Fox, Nicholas Gurewitch, Sean Gordon Murphy, and Cameron Stewart. Which gives you just enough time to listen to his podcast first...


    by Chris Thompson

    Following on from my recent discussion with Geof Darrow (which you can listen to here) I catch up with talented singer/writer Max Bemis (Polarity, Say Anything, Two Tongues) for a chat about his music and comics work, including his first gig with Marvel on their current anthology series A+X.

    We discuss his background in comics; how writing lyrics differs from other forms of writing; what it?s like putting so much of yourself into your work; and how he feels about his work in the context of real-life circumstances and events. It?s a fascinating discussion that takes on a life of its own.

    To get in touch, send feedback or submit projects for consideration, please email And if you missed last week?s episode (or any others) you can find them right here or subscribe via iTunes.

    You can also support the Pop Culture Hound podcast by clicking here to make a donation or pressing the DONATE button below. Your contributions are greatly appreciated and will help us maintain the site, get new equipment, and encourage us to keep going on those cold lonely nights. Chris Thompson?s Twitter: @popculturehound Orbital Comics? website:

    Max Bemis? Twitter: @maxbemis Max Bemis? website:

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    I'm jealous that you got to meet Max. I've only met him once after a Say Anything show and he seemed like a great guy. Being able to talk comics with him would be awesome.
    He is the Star Lord. Respect him!

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    edit: Not rich.

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