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Thread: Joey Manley Passes, Aged 48

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    Default Joey Manley Passes, Aged 48

    Joey Manley, passed away last night, aged 48, in intensive care after being admitted for pneumonia. He was the creator of the subscription webcomic publishing operation Modern Tales, a family of sites including the likes of Serializer, Girlamatic and Graphic Smash that pioneered the form of the social digital comic for a decade, as well as the likes of Webcomics Nation.He co-founded ComicSpace with Josh Roberts and wrote the novel, The Death Of Donna-May Dean. His most recent writing can be found at his website, here.

    Joe Botts posted "Joey Manley, the love of my life over 22 years passed away to night at 10pm eastern. He was surrounded by friends and family. I will post more information tomorrow about any services."

    Tributes on social media have been pouring out including the following;
    Scott McCloud: You were the kind of guy the world said nice things about while you were ALIVE. You were one in a million, Joey. We'll miss you.

    Alexi Othenin-Girard: I hope you knew how much you changed the world. You had such a gift for bringing people together. I had the honor of working with you very briefly, and I count myself so, so lucky.

    Lea Hernandez: You guys made me feel like a princess! My best to your sweet self, many many hugs, and condolences to you & yours.

    Steve Bryant: Saddened to hear of the passing of Joey Manley, webcomics pioneer who started the Modern Tales sites. Great guy, visionary, perfectionist.

    Justin Pierce: Sad day with the abrupt passing of Joey Manley. I would not be making Wonderella or any other comics if not for him.

    Joshua Hale Fialkov: Heart broken about Joey Manley. Was very supportive of me early on, and a genuinely wonderful human being
    I expect to read many more of these, today, as the rest of the world wakes up to the news. Rest in piece Joey, our thoughts are with your family and friends.

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    48 is far too young for anyone to pass from this earth.
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    Poor guy. Heartfelt condolences and sympathies to his family and friends.

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    Very sad news. Best wishes for Joe and the rest of his family and friends.
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    Very sorry to hear about the passing of Joey Manley last night. Early on in webcomics we were friends, then we weren't, and we had differences of opinion about work for hire, etc. I always appreciated the debates. He once deemed me "the biggest troublemaker in webcomics" over Scott Kurtz and Penny Arcade, and he was right. It was a title I held with honor for years, but was ashamed of later on when I didn't care for drama anymore. In the end a few years back we talked and exchanged good stories and emails and buried all those stupid hatchets and laughed about them all and how those were "the good old days". He WAS a true pioneer of webcomics or online comics and was always well ahead of his time in thinking about the medium. Rest in peace dude. My thoughts go out to his friends and loved ones.

    D.J. Coffman

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    Joey talked me into signing up with ComicSpace back in 2006. I think. Maybe '05. We'd both spent too much time in Louisville before, and had built up a pseudo friendship initially over how many big-talkers the city had, and not nearly enough actual doers. Joey was a doer. He wore his roots like a badge of pride though, unlike certain others in the biz. He could talk your ear off if given the chance, which was fine, as most of it was rather interesting food for thought. A really, genuinely great guy.

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    I am just at a total loss this morning. I got my start on Graphicsmash. It was like the wild west back then in webcomics and Joey was a pioneer. I doubt I'd be doing what I do if it wasn't for him.

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