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    Hey All,
    What I'm introducing is a collaborative effort between myself (Rich) and my best friend Cody. Noir City #1 is the first issue of a contemplative deconstruction and action immersed story drawing heavily from stylistic and narrative Film Noir sensibilities. Art is hauntingly rendered by Allen Byrns who you may have heard about as it was announced at NYCC that he was collaborating on a mini with David Liss. Regardless check out his work, the praise is not empty. Noir City is an intertwining tail of a diverse group of mysterious characters who find themselves intersecting in a dark fictitious city as they pursue their own agendas, cumulating in the resolution of the great mystery of who murdered The Miracle, the hero of a forgotten age. Will this knowledge save the world from an apathetic state, or reignite a war 20 years forgotten?

    We have an ongoing Kickstarter in our attempt to raise money to print the book as well as reimburse Allen for his fantastic work. If you have a moment stop by and look at what we've posted. Between the art and the Noir City Universe related narratives, I think you'll get a good idea of what it is we're developing. So please click below and enjoy. Thanks for the time and any contributions of course!

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    A sample of the art looks like. Enjoy!

    noir city jacket.jpg

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    Hey everyone! Thanks for all the support so far! 73% funded thus far but less than a week to go. Please click and jump aboard if you like what you see.

    Noir City comic book by Cody Walker — Kickstarter

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    Love the art samples on your Kickstarter page. Got a really nice Ben Templesmith meets Steve Niles feel to them.
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