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Thread: Rumoured New Writers For The Green Lantern Books

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    Default Rumoured New Writers For The Green Lantern Books

    In May 2013, we see Geoff Johns, Tony Bedard, Peter Milligan and Peter Tomasi hang up their green, red, or purple rings, in an overnight change of writers on the titles.

    But who will be the ring bearers who replace them on the titles?

    I'm told, spinning out the the DC Creative Summit, that the four willful souls are Joshua Hale Fiakvov, Robert Vendetti, Justin Jordan and Keith Giffen.

    Except, and this is where it gets even more interesting, that one of them may be wrong.

    Or, you know, all of them.

    These are rumours, people, and from a secondary, albeit good, source. Based on past performance I would be inclined to believe them, but its possible that they may have got hold of the wrong end of the stick. Let's see what comes out in the wash shall we? I would have gone with a green light earlier today, but the resultant qualification that one may be wrong has made it all a bit yellow. And we know how Green Lanterns feel about that.

    And of course, Giffen is already writing Threshold, which is a bit of a Green Lantern book.

    But even if all four of these names are correct, I don't have any idea which title they'll be landing.

    Remember, this is not speculation, this is a good industry source who claims to know. They may however be wrong...
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    X-O Manowar's Venditti seems like a natural for the main GL title.
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    Great choices! Maybe one of them can pick up a solo Cyborg book too.
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    Could explain why Giffen left LSH so quickly...

    just sayin'

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    Intriguing choices. My guesses:

    Green Lantern = Joshua Hale Fiakvov
    GLC = Keith Giffen
    New Guardians = Justin Jordan
    Red Lanterns = Robert Vendetti

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    Giffen does seem a bit out of place in that list. A bunch of hungry, new writers and then the old warhorse Giffen?
    On the other hand, who knows what DC's higher-ups have in their minds.
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    Solid choices, every one. Do we know where Ray Fawkes is headed? I actually quite enjoyed his issue of Batgirl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Krotzer View Post
    Solid choices, every one. Do we know where Ray Fawkes is headed? I actually quite enjoyed his issue of Batgirl.
    JLD and Constantine.

    I hope Fiakolv gets the main title.
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    I would say...

    Robert Vendetti for Green Lantern.
    Justin Jordan may take Green Lantern Corps after being in Team7.
    Keith Giffen on Green Lantern New Guardians, so he could play with Larfleeze on Threshold and with the other colors here.
    And Joshua Hale Fiakvov would be the perfect writer for Red Lanterns, given that he primarily works in the horror genre.

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    It seems weird that they're sticking with RED LANTERNS as a title, but I guess someone must be buying it?

    Seems like this would be a good chance to reconfigure the titles somewhat. Maybe replace RED LANTERNS with a SINESTRO book?

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